How does the Logic of Sports Betting Work?

With more and more people getting into the betting space, it may be confusing where you should start. There’s a lot to learn for sports betting for all newbie bettors – you need to be familiar with betting odds, popular betting markets and the best strategies. However, what’s the logic behind sports betting before going into those things?
Sports Betting is a Multiplayer Game

Before we go deeper into the concept, you need to know that sports betting is not a one or two-player game. It’s a competitive, multiplayer one.

Even though you’re directly betting against a bookie, they are also your vital adversary on your bets. Instead, you are indirectly competing against hundreds of bettors every day, trying to do the same thing as you; find good bets and make money. The stampede of bettors will affect the lines you see consistently and predictably; they bet the good ones (and move the lines) while leaving the bad ones.

This line movement after you bet doesn’t move randomly, as it reflects a kind of consensus of all serious bettors within the same market.
The Logic of Sports Betting

In this article, we’ll look at sports betting from another point of view with quotes taken from “The Logic of Sports Betting”. It’s a book that provides some excellent insights on how the markets work and some timeless tips on how you can win a few bets.
Don’t Base the Bets on “Tipsters”

The “sharp money pounding the game” may only be a few thousand dollars or less in total volume (page 48).

“Tipsters” are common terms you can hear for any game. These tipsters can push a team or player in handicap bets from -0.75/+0.75 to -1.25/+1.25, which is a huge difference. Reporters can use this information to take a bet with these odds. However, the book’s authors pointed out that this information is meaningless. Lines are brought up quickly on market-making books and the book requires low-limit bets that boost the line shifting. Also, once you know the tipster pushed a number, you’re getting it at -1.25/+1.25 handicap when they thought -0.75/+0.75 was the only good bet.

If 사설토토 ’re suggesting to people to bet on a sport, don’t think that just because sharps pushed the line makes it a good bet. Line movement is interesting and worth paying attention to, but it doesn’t have any more betting value once it does move.

How does the Logic of Sports Betting Work?

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